Custom Fields in People Flow Instructions


When creating and editing a people flow, I would love the ability to insert fields as I can in email templates - relating to the person who is in the people flow. 

That way I could make the instructions read: "Give them a call on %mobile_number% and see if they have any questions". 

It would mean if there's a step to retrieve someone's contact details, you could display for the 'actioner' what details are already on their profile to make sure they don't double up or delete accidentally.

And if custom fields were available, the possibilities are endless! :) You could display someone's 'Police Clearance' expiry date. 

It saves navigating to their profile to check details. 


Hi Brendon, 

Love this idea! I've put it forward as a feature request to be looked at for a future update.

Hope this helps you,


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