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Hi everybody


There is one important function missing which prevents us from migrating to Elvanto: There is no custom-reporting on services & events. Custom reports are only people centered.


We would like to:

- Have an annual/quarterly/monthly service & event list

- define the fields to show, for example: date, start time, title, location, scheduled pastor, ...

- sort by dates

- filter by service types, calendars, location, ...

- group by month

- integrate it in our webpage

- print it or create a PDF

Could you give us an outlook, as to when you could implement something like this? This would help us to persuade our church-board to start the Elvanto project.


Thank you for your great work!



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Hi Marcel.

Thanks for the request!

For integrating the calendar into your website, we currently give the option to embed calendars into websites using iFrames, or you can subscribe to an ICS link, and use this in a third party calendar system.

The following articles will help with this.

Alternatively, if you want, we offer our API where you can pull events and service information, and you can then display this information in the manner you desire. More information on our API can be found here

Hope this helps,

I'd like to add my vote to this. Some built-in reports for getting a list of events and a printable calendar are much needed. I've found work arounds for printing our calendar, but it's a tedious process. Being able to view, print, query, and email events as a report would be very helpful as well.

We would heavily use everything that Marcel mentioned in his post. But even more basically, having the current features of both the Calendar and Event sections of Elvanto available as a report that can be saved off, printed and automatically emailed would ease a major pain-point in how we use Elvanto at our church.

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