Private or restricted access to specified Group Category

I'd love to be able to specify a Group Category that's only visible by a specified Access Permission.

Membership of such a group would also not be visible by the individual themselves, but be "hidden" from their list of groups. Only those with the specified access permission could see/add/create groups within that grout category.

Is this possible?

Hi Andrew,

We are wanting to look into having group overseers, and changing some of the ways groups works with privacy settings. I've added these notes down as part of the feature request.

Depending on exactly what functionality you're wanting though, there may be a number of other ways to perform these functions. If you're just looking for a way to group people though, a custom field, and people views, might be a suitable way to do this, using current systems.

You can create a custom field that you can lock down to a certain access permission, or permissions, and then only specific people will see that field when viewing a members profile.

You can then create custom people views, to filter out the people that have the specific values that you've used for that field. This people view can then be shared to those that you want to use it.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart,

We use groups to track many of the same things as other churches/ministries - things like membership in various Bible study groups, as well as groupings of leaders etc. that change from one semester to another.

But as staff sometimes we want to keep track of a group of students that we don't necessarily want to be as publicly as BSGs, but are for staff purposes only. This might include things like people who came to an info session about full-time ministry, or a one-off event about Bible college, or even supporter events etc.

In other words, groupings of students that help in our thinking and pastoral conversations with them, rather than them knowingly being part of a group - like with Bible study groups etc.

We will still use People Flows for those people who we want to make sure we have concrete and specific conversations with, and to track where they are up to with future ministry decisions.

But I feel like we need a way of grouping a larger body of people in various ways (that may change from year to year) before they make it into a specific people flow step.

So the ability to have a group category restricted to certain access permission would give us this feature, but also leave it flexible enough to use it for other purposes as well that might arise from year to year.

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