Examples of your clever names for Elvanto subdomains?

Our church may be committing to Elvanto shortly. I wondered if anyone would share with us ideas for creating a subdomain/alias for Elvanto. We would want it to blend nicely with our existing domain and web page. "" wouldn't work for us, because the word "roster" isn't in our normal vocabulary, and Elvanto would be doing so much more for us, mainly organizing and keeping track of groups and people.

What have you thought of or used for the subdomain name?


Hi Bill.

Good question!

I've seen a number of different churches use '' or 'worshipteam.churchteam' etc. Some have even simply used ''

There's no limit on imagination though!

Hope this helps,


We purchased a domain exactly like our main address except with the .us extension.  I felt like 'US' conveyed a feeling of unity or membership.

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