Support for Suffix?

Is there support for suffix on people's names? We have fred x and fred x, Jr.

I added this on a custom field, but it doesn't show in any search to distinguish father / son

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Hi Jon

Currently, the only way to do this would be to simply add the Suffix in the Last Name. 

Ie, Gary Otter, and Gary Otter Jr.

Hope this helps,


I wanted to chime in and say that built-in support for suffixes would be really helpful. I took a similar approach as Jon and added a custom drop-down field for the Suffix (blank, Jr, Sr, II, III). It'd be really useful for allowing the search, views, and "full name" to support this, so it's easier for our admins to distinguish people. While the last name approach is a reasonable work around, it be nice to have built in support for this field.

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