Easier Individual Attendance

Is there a way to enter individual attendance like this picture...? for our sunday services?

Hi Randy

While it doesn't look exactly like this, when you're viewing a service, and go into the 'Reporting' tab, you can select the 'Mass Add individuals' option, which brings up a very similar window.

In V1: 

And the updated V2 version looks like this:

For Mobile, V2 looks as follows:

V1 mobile looks as follows. 

Hope this helps,


Hey Stewart,

I have a quick question related to this. If you "Mass Add Individuals", will this mass add them just to the selected service time, or will this do a more "global" add to the over-arching service?

If it only adds them to the specific time, I guess that's fine. We'd probably just choose one service time that we'll add everyone to so there's a record. We really don't have a need of adding people to the specific service they attended. We just want to keep a general list for the base service.


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