"Active" filter for people flow steps detail report


We send out a weekly comprehensive report to our connect group leaders, so they can see the status of their group amongst other things. 

I'd like to be able to include a "People Flow Steps Detail" report in the comprehensive report, to remind them of the tasks that are overdue, and assigned to them. 

That works great - except I can't filter the people in this report to show only active accounts. 

As a result, anyone who has been through our "New People" people flow and didn't get connected and was subsequently archived, appears in the list of overdue people. I also don't want to have to remove people from all people flow steps before archiving them, because otherwise we'll lose track of where people were up to with certain things if they return in the future. 

There's my life story. Can you please add the ability to filter the report by only active people? 


Hi Brendon,

The 'People Flow steps detail' report allows you to filter by status (so you can hide completed people no matter their people type), but you're right, it still shows archived people if they match the criteria. You stop archived people from being shown at the account level by navigating to Settings -> People Settings -> then checking 'No, do not include archived people' under the 'Include archived people in search' heading. 

I've put it forward as a feature request to be able to do at the report level, too.

Hope this helps you,


Hi Hannah, 

Thanks for the reply. And thanks for putting it forward as a feature request. 

I hadn't seen the archive option in settings, so thanks for that. Although, I have enabled that now, and the archived people are still visible in a report. And unfortunately, I can't make it a people view, as it's a comprehensive report. 

Thanks for your help! 

Hi Brendon,

What's the name of the comprehensive report you're looking at? Let me know and I'll go in and have a look at what might be going wrong.

Speak to you soon,


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