Is there a way when people are added to automatically change their family status? In particular, set them to child automatically - it this case when we add a new person to our youth people category we'd like them to be set to child as well.


Hi there.

The only way to do this currently, would be using a custom form with the form action of 'Set relationship to child'

Alternatively, if they're family members of an existing person, you can view that persons profile, and select the 'Add New Family Member' button, to add the new member.

Hope this helps,


Thanks, that seems like a good solution for us.

As follow up, what is the best way to make this available to our leaders who are managing check in, apart from making adding it to the links menu in the member area? And, is there a way to make this form ignore the person who is signed in? - i.e. I never want to edit the current user with this form, I only want to use it for adding people.

Also, it doesn't look like there is a way to control which forms different people can see - is that accurate?

People can only see the forms that they are linked to.

The best way to allow your volunteers to see this in the Check in area, is to give them access to edit peoples Family tabs in their profile.


I'd really like this too.  If it is clearly a child that is being added ie. the date of birth indicates less than 18 then it would be great to build a rule to set them to "child" in the family relationship.  It would really help with data integrity and will minimise issues with check in that is set to only allow children to be added.  If they aren't specified as a child then it won't show that child on the list.

For me forms aren't the best option.  Adding the person works fine - especially if they form part of a family.  The issue is that an additional step is required to modify the family relationship where I believe the date of birth (or the demographic) should be a check point as to setting the family relationship.

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