add ability to assign/restrict/lockdown report categories

Greetings - please consider adding the ability to assign/restrict/lockdown reports categories...

For example - I am creating a series of reports that I think would be beneficial for my Senior Pastor to see from week to week.  If I can create a report category called "Pastoral Reports", then assign a dozen reports to that category, then restrict the report category to my access permission "Senior Pastor" - then I think it would help to keep things organized and restricted.  

Currently - if I create a report category called "Pastoral Reports" then the category can be seen by anyone who has access to the reports - even though they may not be able to see reports assigned w/ in....

hope this makes sense.


Hi Isaac

That definitely does sound like a good idea!

I've added your support to a related feature request, and added your notes about restricting access to specific report categories.

Hope this helps,


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