add publish/un-publish for giving statements and ability to specify individuals...


Please consider allowing us a way to publish/un-publish giving statements that members access when they are logged in.  As we are approaching the end of the year, I'd like to start working on giving statements - but as soon as I create and save one, it is immediately available to the user. 

I believe being able to create the various year end reports in a "draft" mode would be beneficial and would align w/ other areas of the system that already have this functionality....perhaps even having a "when to publish" and "when to un-publish" feature.  That way we can ensure that these statements are available on time and only for, say, 30 days...

Lastly - would it be possible to add the functionally to publish only to certain users/groups/etc?  I know you can email/sms to certain people...but something seems less secure about that to me.  If someone comes to us and needs a new copy of their statement, it would be nice to say "ok, just check you account in two hours and you'll see the 'download giving statement button again..' "

As always, thank you for all the great you all have done w/ this system!!!!

Hi Isaac.

For the "Draft" giving statements, I would suggest simply generating Giving Statements reports to allow you to ensure that all the data is there, and that it's all appearing the way you want it to. You can then manually use the same settings when you publish the giving statement.

I've submitted a feature request for the restricted published statement.

Hope this helps,


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