Email to Parents of absent kids

I have been trying to do the following, but I think it can't be done:

Create a email to the parents of last sunday's absentee kids on a sunday school class. I am able to:

  • Get the Absentee report to show the kids with in each class (room).
  • When hitting the "contact parents" button I can't include the kid's name in the email. There does not seem to be a code for the kid's name. Hence, I can include the parent's name but not the kid's, which, make the email not personal.

I am trying to write an email that looks like this:

Hello John & Jessica:

We missed Alfred in our class this past sunday. We would love to see him next week. If you need anything from us, let us know.




The name of the kid "Alfred" is the one I can't get in the email. Is there a way?

Here is a picture of the report I ran:

Hi Pablo.

Thanks for the question.

Currently, the closest you could do is to use the %family_children_names% placeholder. This would show all children though, not just the one that was absent.

I've filed a feature request for an %absent_children% placeholder to use for this specific template, to list the children that were absent in the report.

Hope this helps,



I wanted to add the following. The option you are suggesting seems like it would include all children that were absent in that family. This may be fine if the children have the same room/teacher. If the children are with different teachers we sould need the option to individualize the email.

If it is possible to have the "Absentee" function built into the Advance People Views, it would make everything more flexible, because you can pick which child you want to send an email to and send it to the parents.


Hi Pablo.

I'll definitely add that note to the feature request.

Having it only include the users that are in the current Absentees report would be the easiest option to make it all work.

Hope this helps,


I am not a programmer and my ignorance may show, but it seems to me that if instead of a report we can run a people view that looks up absenteeism for a group or set of group, once the absentee are identified the contact procedure of people views would provide a better or more flexible system than through the report process.

Just to take this a step further...

Pretty much all correspondence relating to a child should always go through a parent / guardian.  It would be great for every report / view built to extract certain children to have the ability to "contact parents".  I know this changes for teenagers who are technically "still children" so having the flexibility to contact person / contact parent would be great...


Hi Kristy

The easiest way to make all correspondence for a child to go to the parent, would be to simply make their email address or mobile number, be that of their parents.

As the child then gets older and gets their own email address and mobile, this starts becoming less of an issue.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for that Stewart

Yes I can see that as an option Stewart but then there is no way to personalise the email to the parents by name as it would be the child's name that comes up.



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