Background colour in edit people

Hi Elvanto team,

I'm like the look and usability of the new 2.0 interface (thumbs up). Although sometimes I have trouble seeing the text/drop-down boxes when I'm looking at a person's profile to edit data, especially in bright light. I can't find if I can change the colour of the background to provide more contrast. Is this possible? How to do? If not, suggestions or feature request?



Hi Rodney

Thanks for the question.

Currently, it's not possible to change the background colour of these pages in the system. I'll have to add a feature request for this for you.

Depending on the device you're using though, there may not be much that can be done. Some devices just don't work in bright light, especially direct sunlight. Your device may have an option to turn Brightness and Contrast up or down though, and this may give you some more flexibility in making sure that the information is visible to you.

Hope this helps,


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