giving statements cover letter

hello all!!!

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a cover letter for giving statements?

Each year, our Pastor likes to have a custom message on the first page of the giving statements, followed by the members giving information...but I have not been able to figure out how to do this here...



Hi Isaac

Thanks for the question.

Under Settings > Financial you can enter a "Giving Statement Message" that can be used to add to the footer of your giving statements, and you can then use placeholders within this.

Alternatively, you can edit or create a Giving Statement Template, and increase the size of the header in the "First Page, Above Transactions" to let your Pastor enter a short message, before then having the transactions listed. It can't be used for a whole page though.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart!

I suppose I'd consider this a feature request then.  :)  It seems having a fully customizable first page would be a nice feature.

That said, I did look at you suggestion of making that section larger and it might work for now...however, I did find that I can not add a header image, even after uploading one and specifying it in the 'letter head image' section.  Is there something else that needs to be done?

Lastly - the "header text" section...I cannot see to get that enabled..

Again, thank you.

Hi Isaac

There appears that there was a bug regarding the header/footer. This has been fixed.

Regarding your Image, there were two issues there.

  • You were using the File URL for the image, not the Image URL.
  • The file was set to "Only specific people can see this" - For it to work in the templates, it needs to be set to "Members and Guests" can see this file.
I've gone and updated these two, and it's now working.

The Letterhead image goes behind the other text on the template though. (The image you chose is rather large though, might want to upload a smaller version)

Hope this helps,

Thank you Stewart!  I'll work on that letter head!  :)  The rest looks good.

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