Using forms to add new people

As has been suggested in some other threads, in order to get some more control over adding new people and automating some tasks in relation to that I've created a form.

However, at youth, this form is used as part of the check in process so ideally we'd like to have forms available and another tab or window with a current user signed in and doing check in - of course the way it works currently, that means that the form gets prefilled with the signed in users data, is there a way to avoid that? (I currently get the sign in volunteers to open forms in incognito windows which is a short term workaround)


Hi Singe.

When you're in the Check-in section, there's an option to add new people built in.

You can add them into an existing family, or create a brand new family.

Hope this helps,


Thank Stewart,

Unfortunately, I'm using the form to automate a few tasks such as placing people in groups and people flows which as far as I know is only possible with a form - it would be great if there was a way to set a particular form *not* to auto-fill.


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