Emailed Reports to display as View so Interactive

Hi guys

There are some reports that you schedule for users that would really benefit from being interactive in that from the report they can access the person directly from the output.  I know that you can access the information through people and going into the People View but it would be of a greater usability in a seamless approach to be able to select the way in which the report is displayed - view or report.

This isn't for all reports as some are legitimately information only but there are some that are limited as they are only reports and would be of greater value if they could be emailed as a view.  Or at a minimum having a link to "view in People View" and it takes them directly there.



Hi Kristy

Thanks for the email.

There's a related feature request for this, and I've added your support to this request.

Hope this helps,


+1 for me as well

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