Contacting parents of children's classes

I've seen this discussed before, but none of the options seem to be good solutions, only workarounds. So, in the spirit of discussion, but hopefully to put another word out for it, I wanted to mention what I feel is missing in the Groups feature involving children. 

The page, "Contacting Parents with Children" has the methods to do this, but not one of them seem helpful or very intuitive. I haven't had luck doing it without having to reference the page multiple times. I know without a doubt a non-computer savvy person will try it once then never try again. 

If I want my church family to use this tool, too, and not just the staff, there needs to be more effort put into the areas that a "normal" church volunteer is going to use: which to me would be anything involving children's ministry. 

Since groups seems to be where the children's classes are supposed to be put, I think it would make sense for every group that includes children to have a "Contact Parents" button very obvious to see. 

Related to that, I think it would be helpful if every People page of a child should have an option to "Include Parent's contact information" or something. My workaround now is to put a parent's phone and email in the child's contacts... And I noticed this was recommended by others as well. This seems like a great feature to add that would make a lot of people happy. 

Hi Josh

Thanks for the post.

This is actually something we want to improve upon very soon, and I've added your thoughts to the task that we have in our system.

Keeping in contact with your children's parents is definitely an important thing that we would like to add in.

Hope this helps,


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