Ability for Volunteer Positions to include a note / text that is included in the automated reminder and scheduling emails

Hi Elvanto Developers,

I'd love the ability for Elvanto to be able to include a text note (which possibly could be entered when assigning volunteers to fill positions in a service) that is sent with the automatic reminder and scheduling emails.

This would be an extremely useful feature to include information such as Bible readings, song titles, etc. to the people who are rostered on and receive the email reminders for their upcoming services - currently the automated email can only include the position name in the email. It would be super helpful if the people who receive these emails would be able to see details within the email.

(I've had Bible readers particularly request this from me, as they receive the request/reminder they are rostered on and can accept/decline, but don't know what their reading is until they login to Elvanto)

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Hi Kevin

Thanks for the email.

There's a few other feature requests that we have that will achieve the same functionality, although not the same feature request.

I've added your support to these requests.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart/Elvanto,

Any progress on those other feature requests?


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