search by address?

Hi there, I am just wondering what the easiest way to search by address, or if it can be done at all? I had a quick look at the api and it doesn't seem to be listed as an option there?

Many thanks,


Hi Alastair,

Which address field are you wanting to search for, and specifically what sort of search would you want to do?

You should be able to use the built in advanced search filters to specify to search for "Mailing Address Contains <Some_test>" and the same for other fields, but knowing exactly what you want to search for will help here.


Hey Stewart,

We had a situation a few weeks back where we were chatting about people who lived in a particular locale in the City. Somebody said they had been chatting to a girl after church who live in Street X, (very close to another girl in the congregation, we thought) but he couldn't remember her name... With only our mobile phones available, I searched for 'Street X' but obviously got no results.

It then occurred to us that being able to search address fields in the regular search box would be very useful for quick info rather than having to set up or activate a report.

As an extension of this,it would also be pretty useful to search by postcode too (ideally with the ability to use ** for the last few digits if required.

A further extension, which would be very useful for the way we interact with our Elvanto data would be an API output.

I hope that makes sense?



Hi Alastair.

Thanks for that.

I'll put a feature request in for this.

Regarding the API input, you should be able to get the address information by adding the "fields" argument into your people/getAll or people/getInfo calls. You can't use it in the "search" parameters though, but I'll add that as a request too.

Hope this helps,


That's grand, thanks Stewart

Hi guys

Can I add to this - I was about to put in a request myself to further expand the "searching capabilities".

I understand that an advance search can be undertaken but not all users are totally competent in using the functionality and I want something simpler and more long term.

What I am looking for is the ability to pre-create views and reports with a "prompt".

Pretty much I would like to be able to create a report where a field is specified but that the value is left blank - and defined as by prompt so that when a user selects that report / view the first thing they are asked to do is enter the value required and then the search is conducted by that.

Hope this makes sense.  

Would really come in handy - especially for the less technically savvy users out there so that we aren't relying on them to create the advance search.



Hi Kristy

While it's a slightly different request to what Alastair asked for, I think I can see where you're coming from.

The workflow would be something along the lines of the following.

  • Admin creates a Report/People view
  • Marks a field, or fields, as a "Prompt"
  • User selects view/report.
  • Is asked for a value for the prompt or prompts, to then search for.
Would that be what you want?

Hi Stewart

I did say add to his request...

Yes what you have written is what I would like.


Hi Kristy

Thanks for that.

Upon second thought I think your thoughts could be one way of achieving what Alistair wanted to achieve. It would give you an easy way to create these custom searches without having to specify all the filters and display fields.


I think this idea is great. Here is how it would help us. I had to set up custom people views for birthdays per month so that it would be easy for the folks and not have to go into an advance search which is limiting for them. So I ended up with 12 different People Views. I did the same for group ages according to the way they the ages are grouped in our sunday school. So we ended up with a ton more People Views. Our People Views list is long and it is getting hard to find the Views. This would help alleviate some of these issues.

Further on, I wish instead of a list, it worked more like a menu with the categories as sub menus. The list is too long, the category division does not pop out well enough to see it, and many times people can't find views that have been created because they miss it when scrolling.

Thanks, count my vote on this one.

Hi Pablo.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I've added your support to the original request as well as adding yours.

Hope this helps,


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