Storing Service Images. Tie them to the Service's Name.

One of the features of Planning Center that I really like is that they tie the Service Logo to the Name. So if we had a series called, "Philippians" with a specific image. Anytime I enter that name for a future service, it will automatically pull that image in.

You can see in the attached screenshot that when I type the name in, I get a dropdown that will pull in that image for me.


This is of course low priority, just trying to outline a few features that I miss from PCO.

Hi Kennon!

Thanks for the request.

We've taken a slightly different approach to this.

When you add in Service Types into Elvanto, you can add in a Logo to the type. That way, when you create a Service and assign it to that Service Type, it will by default pull in that service types logo. It also pulls in the Template plan, as well as the required volunteers etc.

On our Demo page you can see the different service types and their logos. 

This article talks more about how to set up Service Types. 

Hope this helps,



I guess I can see how that's useful. For us a service layout, with volunteer needs, don't change with each service / series type, so to have an image tied to a service / series type wouldn't make much sense. What I'll probably do is just make sure to add all services in a series after we have the artwork done, and then I can just have them all populated in one go.

Honestly this is a minor speed bump overall, so nothing major. Just something that popped in my head.

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