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Greetings all!

In our recent blog post we announced our Mobile App was being developed. We're now getting a lot closer to getting it out ready for beta testing, and will be formally getting that started soon.

The initial release will have the following features:

  • Accept and Decline Roster Requests
  • View your upcoming Roster
  • View Songs and Song Files
  • View your profile
  • (For iOS) TouchID login.

We have a number of features that we have planned including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Facebook/Google Sign-in
  • Push Notifications
  • Ability to edit your profile
  • Group Attendance reporting
  • Accessing People data, for those with access.

If you have any feature requests for the app, please post them as comments to this thread, and not to a seperate thread.

Thank you all for your interest.


Head of Technical Support.

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Hi Stewart! 

Really excited about the mobile app version of Elvanto!

I would love to see people flows integrated into the mobile app. 

Especially the front end (notifying people who need to do tasks with instructions etc), because the mobile app puts Elvanto in your pocket, it makes those tasks more accessible on the go. 

Using push notifications on due dates, and possibly even creating reminder times, and the ability to snooze a task, or reschedule the reminder, would add so much value to the people flow system - and go beyond even the current web version of Elvanto. 

One of the challenges we face, is the visibility of people flow notifications. At the moment, people are only notified when something is assigned to the (could be ages before it's due) and then if they check their list of notifications when they login to Elvanto. For some of our people, logging in is not very regular, especially as group attendance reports and roster approvals can be done straight from the sms or email. 

Push notifications from the mobile app could be a fantastic solution to this. 


For Roster > People, it would be really good to be able to identify people who have confirmed / Declined or not yet confirmed. This could be done using colour codes (i.e. grey for not confirmed, red for declined) or just have the words against each person. At a later stage, it would be good to be able to remove people and reassign somebody else for that department.

In the Roster > Plan, I would like to be able to change an item to a linked song. Add, Remove, and Move items/songs.

Hi! I really like the design of the app. It has a good overwiev. I wish the menu under my profila pic can be customized. I guess there will come more options there. For us, who works in children ministries, it would be great to be able to have the report, demographic og leader department we want on that menu(for example report of leaders, specific kidsgroup++ And that the leader of grade can only see that report, and leader of 5th grade can se the 5.thgrade-kids in his/her menu) so the list of kids and their parents phone nr is easy to find, and sending out email/sms.
It would also be great for us to have check-in in the APP. Then our group leaders could easily check in those kids who by any reason have not checked in at the registration-table.  

I like this app I can see it being very useful during the live services. There are couple of things that would be useful and probably not too hard to implement.
1. On each of the screens (Roster, Songs, Plans, etc) show the Date and Service Type in the header.
2. As above, but also have navigation buttons to change from one service to the next or previous (if any are available).

When planning who is involved in departments, it would be useful to go backwards and forwards to see who was on last and who is scheduled to be on next. If the service date and type aren't shown it would be hard to work out which service I am looking at.

As previously stated by me and others, Check-In would be one of the live features I would use the most during our services. This would be much easier to use with an App than it is with the current Mobile App in the browser.

Really looking forward as an admin to being able to look up people data.Tnx!

I assume it will have the Church Directory in it?

Hi Graeme

Not the initial release.

This will have to be part of a future release.


it would be nice to see access to the Directory as others have said. I could see this becoming the go to app for communication in the church once people have access to it. From there it would be nice to have the ability as an admin to send emails or text messages from the app itself. I know I have been using the web interface a lot after being introduced and look forward to using it more.


Ditto to James.

Ability for people to enter their unavailability dates would be great.

Here is my list of requests.

-Block out dates. It's one the hardest things to get volunteers to do. But it we make it easy for them in the App. I think that will help. Planning Centre Online has the ability in their app.

-Widgets. In iOS, you can swipe down to see your widgets. Would be great to have your roster in the widget.

-Might be a long shot, but Apple Watch functions would be nice too. Roster complications, or the ability to see the live service, current item and up next. 

That's all I can think of for now.


Hey everyone. 

Thanks for the comment James. Good reminder for me to update everyone.

Keep an eye on your relevant app stores for an update with unavailabilities. 

I've added a feature request for some Widgets, an "Upcoming Roster" widget or something similar for Android home screens would definitely be helpful. (I'm not familiar with iOS widgets so I can't really comment on them)

Watch is something we're interested in, but we'll leave that for now and focus on the mobile app first.


I would love to see support for the iOS 9 URL handling, so when I click on a supported Elvanto action (approving volunteer requests) it takes me to the app instead of the website.

Another...  Spotlight integration would be great, so I could search for someone's name from within Spotlight and then it would jump me into the website, or the app (once it supports viewing people, etc...)

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