Services not showing in member calendar area under certain access permissions

Hi Guys,

I have an issue with the services not showing up in the member calendar area under certain access permissions.

I have created an "admins" access permissions group. Under the "Member Area" of the access permissions, i have allowed them access to the Calendar, i have allowed viewing of group meetings and viewing of services but i have not restricted the access to either of these two.

When a person who i have given the admin access permission to access the member area, they cannot see the upcoming services.

However, when I change the access permission under the calendar, under "allow viewing of services" to restrict access, selecting "Can only view specified services types" and then selecting every service type we have, the services do show up.

I would have expected that if you dont restrict access, all services should automatically be displayed, or is this the expected behaviour?

Any help will be appreciated.



Hi Chris

Looking at your account, the issue here is the locations that you've set up.

Because your current services all have a location assigned, only members at that location can see it in their member calendar by default. 

For churches with only one location we do not advise using the locations area as it can often cause people to not be able to see data they should be able to see if the person hasn't been correctly assigned to a location.

Hope this helps,


Perfect that solved it, thanks!


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