Facebook Sidebar Questions

 Hi Team,

I am a bit confused regarding setting up the sidebar facebook item.

under the content section of the sidebar, you ask for the facebook page ID. Is this the facebook page ID of our church's facebook page? Or the personal Id if the person who administrates the site?

Then under the Facebook URL: what url is this? The url of the church's facebook page?

If the Page ID is the church's page id, and the url is a link to the church's page - i have done something wrong, and I would appreciate help.


Hi Chris!

Thanks for the question.

The ID is the ID for the page and the URL is for the churches facebook page as well.

I've just had a look at your setting, and the issue is that the current page is an unofficial page, not a page that's been created and run by people. You'll want to visit the URL you've entered and click the "Is this your business" link on the top right to claim the page and make it a proper page.

Facebook creates these unofficial pages when people specify that they're at a location if it doesn't line up with a page already.

Hope this helps


Oh Facebook.

Ok thanks Stewart! I will chase that up.


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