Questions about check in

Hi, just getting some label printing set up for check in just had a couple of questions

1. Does anybody have problems with the time delay between labels? Is there any way to speed this up or use multiple printers?

2. With the security codes, I've enabled using a single code per family but the system still generates different codes for different kids in the same family unless you manually set the code for all the kids in that family - is that how it works?


Sorry, also a third questions:

3. Is there a way to view or report on children who are still checked in to a service - i.e. to make sure all the kids are checked out at the end of the service?

Thanks again!

Hi Singe!

  1. There is a bit of a delay unfortunately. Normally this is caused by the printer itself having a delay from getting the print job from the computers print queue. Having a second printer can be used to help this if you've got a second station. We generally advise having no more than 2 check-in stations per printer, to help make sure the labels are printing out quick enough.
  2. At this stage the system doesn't assign the same code to the entire family, you'd have to manually do that. 
  3. If you select a room from the check-in side bar it will show everyone that's still checked into the room.
Hope this helps,

Thanks mate, very helpful!


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