App feedback

Hi, just giving some feedback regarding the BETA testing on the new Elvanto app. 

It looks nice.. just a few things to mention. I'm using it on an iPhone 6s.iOS 9.1

1. When I tap "app feedback" inside of the app, it crashes. That's why I'm using this forum right now. 

2. One of the biggest needs our volunteers have is to be able to quickly see a summary of everything they are scheduled for in a service. A "My Summary" section would be great. This section would only show what they are rostered for. Currently, someone has to swipe through the list of ALL the volunteers in a service to find where they are scheduled. 

3. A way to send push notification through the app would be very beneficial. After rostering on a PC, it would be really nice to have the option "Send Push Notification to App" or something like that. Very similar to the way it is already set up when contacting volunteers by email or text. 

Great job and looking forward to using the app more! 


Naiah Fischer

Hi Naiah.

It's strange that the "App Feedback" button isn't working correctly. Would you be able to check which version of the App you're using within Testflight? The most recent version is 0.1.1 (9). We've had a number of other feedback forms filled in so it should be working.

Regarding the feature requests, we have a dedicated forum post for this, available here. We're already wanting to add the push notification option and I've added the request for the "Summary" view.

Hope this helps,


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