Add exceptions in regular meetings/events

We just started using elvanto and we have to say it's great. 

Here is our suggestion to make it even better.

With groups.

My homegroup meets every Thursday from 19-21.

BUT: next week we start earlier (with dinner) from 18-21.

AND: the week after that we don't meet at all because of a holiday. 

SO, take Google Calendar as a model - please add the possibility to click on one date and say: delete this meeting only. Or click on it, change the time and say: change for this time only. 

The same with events.

We have Youth Group every 2nd Friday of the month. But, one month, I want to change it to the third. Please let me "move" it over to another Friday

Maybe as an extra feature.

Take Doodle as the main idea: please let me click on random dates on a month-view: 3rd, 12th and 15th and say let me say: that's when we will meet as a group. 

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Hi Simon

Definitely something we can look into in the future.

I'll put the request in for you.


+1 for us as well

I want to throw in my support for this as well. We have several groups that meet weekly, but now that the holidays are coming around, we typically cancel a few of the meetings so our members can spend more time with their families. Adding the ability to manage/delete a single group meeting in series is exactly what we're looking for.

Hello Stewart and team,

Unfortunately I do get a bit irritated with Elvanto now. You put in all these features like tickets and it looks like you polish them to a great degree. And then there are these ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL annoying problems like: I can't put in the calender: our group is not meeting this week. I can't delete ONE single meeting.

So I have to create an EVENT for every weekly meeting, duplicate it like crazy in order to be able to delete it if the group doesn't meet.

SO. Please, please, please... is it so hard to do it? It might take you 5 hours to copy and paste the function that you already have in the services. Create group meetings like services - so they automatically are WEEKLY created and still they are independant and you could delete a meeting that is skipped.

It takes me hours to do this by hand. And probably other people as well. Or show me a way to do it as your software is now. 

I just saw (in another blog post linked to this one), that we CAN delete SINGLE events!

So there IS a way. It is a bit complicated, But it does exist. So... irritation has cooled down a bit here :)

> It does NOT work with regular group meetings though. 

> You can't change LOCATION or DESCRIPTION or TIME of a date (our homegroup meets in 2 places rotatory and sometimes does dinner an hour earlier)

It could be easier, but at least there is SOME option).

If anyone wonders: you click on a repeated event (so you see the event page) and go to delete. Then you can choose: delete single event / all / following.

> Maybe we could do via "mass manage" in the future? 

+1 for us, too.

As Simon mentioned, removing an individual event that's part of a series is possible. 

For groups, it seems like there's also a way to remove an individual meeting, though I don't know if it's documented... I stumbled upon it by accident. We cancelled group meeting in favor of another event. I went through all of the groups that were cancelling meetings and submitted a report marked as "did not meet" and it seemed to remove it from the calendar. I haven't explored this any further, but thought I'd chime in to see if that might work for others, until there's an easier way to remove individual group meetings.

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