Approve new accounts

I have looked all over the place in help and forums to try to find this. It seems like this feature is there but I am missing it. 

Is there a way to set elvanto so that when I turn on the option to allow for people to create new accounts from the login page that they can go through an approval process first before they are active? We want members/visitors to be able to create their own accounts but want to guard against anyone just coming to the site and creating fake spam accounts. 

How do I do this?


Hi Jason

Thanks for the request.

Hopefully the CAPTCHA prevents most bots!

We're wanting to look into this more in the future, so keep an eye out for some future updates for that.

What you can do though is use a custom Form to accomplish some of this.

  • Under People Settings, disable the registration area.
  • In Forms, create a custom Registration form
  • Set this form to "Add or Update people in the database after an admin has approved"
  • Set an auto-reply for the form that lets them know that an admin will approve the request. This triggers once the form is submitted
  • In the form submission add "Send an email" and have it send a custom email template with the %login_url% placeholder to allow them to set their username and password.
Hope this helps,

Thanks Stewart. That does help. This seemed like such a simple thing, I thought I was missing something. Appreciate the fast response.

No worries Jason!

As I mentioned earlier, in the future we'll be making this even easier then it currently is!


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