Contacting Individuals of Rosters

Hi guys

When communicating team members after rostering through the "Contact" button - in Edit Multiple Services you have the ability to specify the Department(s) in which you want to notify.  This works great however, if the person serves in any area outside of that Department it will also send details of that roster to the individual.This causes great confusion especially since not all rosters are ready to be released at the same time.  

For example, someone is on the Worship Team and also a Host.  The host roster is in progress but the Worship Team roster is finalised.  The user contacting those rostered - for their department only - is doing the right thing.  They have removed all other department options and specified only theirs... However in the search Elvanto does not limit the roster details email to only show the Department specified - in this case Worship Team.

The Host leader begins to receive emails / denies even though they haven't yet released their roster.

This is something I have raised before and I am sure I was told it was a feature request - however as a user that encourages Departments to manage their own Ministry areas I feel that it is a fault.  Either way it is something that has been raised previously and something that I believe really needs to be looked into.


Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

Hi Kristy

This is indeed a feature request we're wanting to look into.

As you've said, using the Contact Volunteers button is currently only designed to look at the entire service and not filter the information by the departments.

We're wanting to look into ways to publish only specific parts of the roster at a time so that this will work in the future though.

Hope this helps,


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