The /songs `chord_chart_key` parameter doesn't seem to support "flat" keys

So, I think this is a bug, but not totally sure.

Basically whenever I use the `/songs/arrangements/getInfo.json` endpoint, specify the `chord_chart_key` parameter, and use a "flat" key (Gb, Eb, etc...). The request will fail. But if I change it to F#, or D#, it will work.

For now I'm just making a mental note, but I wasn't sure if you were aware of this. It doesn't matter so much for guitar, but it's a bigger deal for piano.

Hi Kennon

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I'll check with the developers and see if it's a bug or if the syntax for this is special.

Once I know more I'll get back to you.


Hi Kennon

Thanks for your patience with this.

It was a bug. This has been fixed now though and the Flat chords now work.

Hope this helps,


Ah wonderful! Thanks! :D

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