Allow a form to pick and be added to a group

Is it possible to create a form that would allow someone to pick from a drop down/multi select list and be added to the group(s) they choose? I'm not sure if this is even a good idea. Just thinking through a few things.

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Hi Kennon

Thanks for the question.

At this stage it's no directly possible. There are a few work arounds to this though.

  • You can have a custom form field that can be used to collect the information and pass the individuals into a people flow and use the flow to add them into the relevant groups.
  • Have an individual form for each group

We are wanting to expand on this in the future though and will be allowing for this to be done directly through a form though in the future.


Thanks. :)

Another form thought.. is there a way for us to publicly expose the Family Registration form that's shown in the check-in area? We were thinking about trying to let our member "pre-register" their family for self-check-in. I made a form with some custom fields for this, but the one you all built is a lot more streamlined. :)

Hi Kennon

Not at this stage. Because forms can only link to an individual they'd have to fill the form out each time. 

You could use the API for this though with a custom form. The family_id and family_relationship fields can be used to link people together. You'd just need to make sure you loop through the individuals and do a people/create for each one and re-use the family_id field returned from the first member when creating the additional members.


Ah wonderful! A huge help again. Thanks. :)

We would also love to see a "Group" selector field in forms.  Just adding to the request.  +1

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