Print Report with one page per room?

Hi all,

We have just started trialling Elvanto with our Children's Ministry - loving it so far. However, we'd like to be able to generate reports which show which children have been checked in for each room, that can be printed easily with one room per page.

These pages will then be given to the teachers, who can use them to see who is in class that day, be aware of new children's names etc etc.

Currently, we can generate reports based on room, but then must cut the paper up into each room. Is there a fix here?

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for the email.

At this stage this isn't possible directly in the system, but there is a feature request for this to be possible.

What you can do though is to export the report into Excel and use Excel to manipulate the report to print it into seperate pages.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart - appreciate this.

As an Excel newbie - do you have a Macro or formula that we could borrow to do this?



Hi Jeremy

No macros at this stage. 

I would suggest doing one of two things.

  1. Quickest way would be to simply add extra blank rows into the excel file to pass the results to a new page.
  2. Alternatively, you can use Excel's "Print Area" settings and specify you want certain data on one page, but other data on another page. 
Hope this helps,

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