Home Address and Birthdate in Export?

This might've been addressed already...

I tried exporting the CSV (or Excel) file from Elvanto to share a printed roster. While I was able to get the names and email address, I wasn't able to get birthdays and home addresses. Is there a way to do this? And for future references, if I want to add (or hide)

  fields in the export, how can I go about doing this? Thank you!

Hi Kennon.

This should be possible. It depends on the report though.

Was this from a built in or custom report?

If it was a custom report can you email us the name of the report and I'll look into it.


I'm not sure if I understand. Let me explain my situation:

When we started using Elvanto years ago, we spent a lot of time inputting people's names and info into the Elvanto Database. Now, we want to export it on to a Excel sheet. However, it seems that we are only allowed to export the following fields: Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, People Category, and Location. 

We wanted to find a way to also export birthdates and home addresses. 

Hi Katsuya,

Now I feel really bad. I read your name entirely wrong!

You should be able to export any fields that you're putting into your report. 

If you're creating a custom report you should be able to add the fields into the "Fields to display" area for the report and export any fields that you put in here to a CSV file.

Hope this helps


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