A few questions about groups...

Does Elvanto provide the ability for people from our church to use a form to sign up for a group? We'd like to provide them a list of available groups, and allow them to sign up. 

Also, we would like to add a description to groups beyond what is in the group's Name. For example, some of our groups have specific information about the topics the groups will be studying, and whether the group meets at one location or several.

Also, is there a way to generate a list of available groups to be displayed on our own public website?

Finally, has anyone tackled WordPress integration? Some of the things I'm asking for above would be great to seamlessly draw into WordPress through shortcodes.

Hi Jay.

At this stage we allow you to create Forms which can use the "Actions" section to add people to groups, but currently a form can only do a specific group, or specific groups, and you'd need to either create a single form for each group, or have the same groups for anyone that uses that form. Another method is to put them into a people flow and have someone add them into the relevant groups. We are wanting to add better Group signup forms in the future though.

For the group description, currently this isn't possible but is something that has been requested and I'll add your support to this request.

For the available groups, I've seen a number of churches use our API to do this. They've then been able to use some cool Javascript Libraries to detect where the user is and sort the groups by the distance away.

For WordPress Integration, nothing I've seen directly, except for our built in Embed code for Forms/Calendars, as well as our login widget which allows people to login to your elvanto account from your website. 

Hope this helps,


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