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I'm still trialing the free version of Elvanto, as I'm planning our move our database from another CMS system across to Elvanto.  I want to be sure that I make the correct setup choices from the beginning to streamline our transition.

I have been through the Getting Started help pages but these don't seem to answer some of the finer points that I am wishing to know.  So I've outlined our approach below, and would be interested to know if I'm on the right track or if there is a better approach:

- our approx. church size is 200 adults + 100 children

- we have a single location

- we hold two services each Sunday

Firstly, is there somewhere in the People details to identify the congregation (i.e. 10am or 5pm) that a person belongs to, or should this be implemented in a Custom Field?

Our volunteers for Sunday services are generally aligned to one of the two congregations - i.e. we have 10am musicians and 5pm musicians.  When we setup Departments should we go with a structure such as the following?  (we wish to take advantage of the rostering capabilities of Elvanto)

  • Department: Musicians
  • Sub Dept: 10am Vocalists
  • Sub Dept: 10am Guitars
  • Sub Dept: .etc
  • Sub Dept: 5pm Vocalists
  • Sub Dept: .etc

In the Service Types, should we be looking at a structure such as:

  • 10am Sunday Service - Typical
  • 10am Sunday Service - Baptism
  • 10am Sunday Service - Communion
  • 5pm Sunday Service - Typical
  • etc.

Other things we wish to do with Elvanto:

  • Service run sheets and rostering
  • Integration with CCLI
  • Label printing for all people as they check in for a service (not just children)
  • Attendance reporting
  • Rostering morning teas
  • Rostering meal ministries
  • Member Address Book

Thanks in advance for your comments and guidance!


Hi Ken.

Thanks for the question.

One of the lovely things with Elvanto is that you can set it up and customize to meet (most of) your needs.

From what you've said I would advise using a custom field for the different congregations. This allows you to run reports and search for people based on that field. 

For your Departments and Sub-Departments, while it's not exactly how we would generally advise doing it, there's definitely good reasons to do it as you've done it and I wouldn't advise changing anything at this stage. 

For your Service Types, the only thing I'd suggest is looking at if having "Typical" and "Communion" as different types is needed. Do you change your service plan that much and needed volunteers that much that different types are required? (If there's departments that aren't needed for 2 of your 3 types, but is needed for 1 of them than having the seperate types makes sense.

From what you've mentioned about the only thing we would have trouble doing is the Rostering Meal Ministries, but this can still be achieved if set up right.

Hope this helps,


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