Report Graphs with Service Types as Different Lines

Hi Team,

We'd like to be able to produce a line graph, for say the last three months, with the attendance numbers for each selected Service Type appearing as a seperate line along the same time period (the way that seperate demographics can be displayed as different lines along the same period). This is what we currently get - each date has every service listed along the SAME line.

We'd love to be able to have it so the service type numbers can be displayed on their own lines, as demographics can (as seen in the graph below):

Is there any way this is possible???



Hi Robbie

Thanks for the question.

At this stage this isn't possible with the same graph.

You could use a Comprehensive report to have multiple graphs as seperate items and have each one filtered to a specific service type. 

We do have some updates coming for graphs in the future though so look out for some updates soon.

Hope this helps,


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