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Hey guys, I know you are potentially working on getting on board with OnSong (can't wait). But I was going through OnSong and they give the option to sync your song database with an outside source.

I could obviously upload all our music to an FTP, but was hoping it might be easier than that.

Not sure if this is possible. I have included a screen shot of the information they need. Is there a way to do this with Elvanto?

Would be great to use as a work around until a proper solution is released.

Thank you,


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Hi Jared

Thanks for the question. 

At this stage it isn't possible directly. 

There are a few things you can do though.

  • Upload the .chopro file to the song and users can download the songs from Elvanto into OnSong
  • Put the ChordPro formatted lyrics/chords into the "Lyrics and Chords" section of each song, and you can then use our songs/arrangements/getInfo API Endpoint to create a custom solution using FTP or similar that keeps the lyrics/chords up to date with what you've entered into Elvanto
Hope this helps,

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