Report that can access/observe Directory Privacy settings

We are working on a printed Member Directory. Yes, some people cannot give up their tradition of getting a new updated hard-copy booklet every year.  Meanwhile, some members have the same concerns that they do for the online directory, wanting certain contact fields to be hidden.  We can't even find a way to get a report of which people have hidden which fields from the directory, which would help us at least edit a generated report before distribution. That's the first feature request: be able to generate a report of fields hidden. 

A more comprehensive solution that would make this process very efficient would be a report setting checkbox that could suppress all field content if it was suppressed by the member's privacy settings.

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Hi Bill.

At this stage the only suggestion we can give is to create custom fields for "Printed Directory Privacy" and allow your members to set what they want to appear in the printed directory seperate from the online directory. You can then export that field, or fields, in the report and use Excel to filter out the information you don't want to use.

We are looking at a dedicated way of doing a printed member directory in the future though.

Hope this helps,


That's on our list of approaches for now, thanks, Stewart. 

In the meantime, super-admin access -- in report generation conditions -- to privacy settings, that is fields hidden from the directory,  would be really helpful. Otherwise, to see what items people have chosen to hide from the directory, we would have to look at hundreds of people individually. (Well, not hundreds yet. We've only lured about 50 families so far into logging into Elvanto.)



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