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We are in the process of setting up our member directory but have come across a small problem and I am wondering what everyone else does in this situation.

We have a few married people who attend our church, but not their spouse. This means that the attending person is listed as a regular, but their spouse (who doesn't attend) has been archived. Once someone has been archived, it means they aren't listed on family records. We would like to be able to list these spouse on the member directory, but don't want to make them regular attenders (as they aren't).

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the message.

At this stage this isn't possible. Archived Members are not designed to appear in the member directory.

Sorry about that.


Hi Stewart 

What about people flagged as Contact?  Will they appear on the member directory?

I don't use Member Directories at the moment so not sure.


Only Active members will appear.


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