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Hi there ... the members page of our account includes a Sidebar with a link to the RSS Feed and Facebook. Is there any way to edit this so that they don't appear? I think the person that set it up must have added them but I can't see where to remove them, or the Sidebar. I have worked out how to add a text box but that's all.

Many thanks

Hi Deborah.

I've had a quick look and these are the built-in options that can not be removed. 

Hope this helps,


OK. I asked because I have a free account that I use for testing etc and it doesn't have that sidebar. I've attached a screenshot of both.

If I can't remove the Sidebar can I remove the RSS feed and Facebook, which we don't use, and which may confuse?

Thanks for replying



Hi Debby, no idea why I didn't reply to this sooner. My apologies about that!

In one screenshot you're looking at the home page, in the other you're looking at a custom page, which is why it doesn't have the sidebar.


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