Email Volunteers without admin access

Hey guys,

With the previous Church Management system we used, our worship leaders could email the team from just the Sunday they were scheduled with. They would send out the song list a few days before our practice.

Currently there is no way for our worship leaders to email just their team from the Members Site, we have to give them admin access and access to editing parts of the service (which we don't want to do).

It would be great if we could give them access to just email the team for that Sunday. So in the Rosters section of the Members page when they are very a single service, they have a 'Contact' button that lets them send a mass email to the team. Still with the ability to un-tick different departments or a lockdown to only include the department they are assigned too (this would be better). 

This will be handy for all sub-leaders who don't need access to rostering and the admin, but still need to email their team for a particular service.

You could lock it down so that it only emails people assigned to that Service AND only if they are rostered on themselves.

Hope that makes sense, 


Hi Jared

Thanks for the request.

This is a rather complex request on the back end, but I'll put it forward for the developers to look into for you.


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