Service Reporting + Check-ins

I have a few questions about how service reporting / check-ins for attendance are working together.

We finally launched everything, so we have children checking in / out, but I'm noticing a few things that I don't quite understand.

1. Is there a built-in report that will give me "unique" children per room? Right now it looks like every room report I run shows every check-in (even if the child somehow checked in multiple times).

2. How is the "families" attendance reporting calculated? Is this based on the parents of the children who checked in? Does it automatically track that? For instance, we had 78 children check-in for one service, and it said we had 44 families. I'm just unsure what that means. :)

3. I'm also seeing a discrepancy in children numbers in different areas. In the Dashboard, I have the new Statistics Widget that is showing "unique" Attendance for "Children". This shows 131 children for yesterday. But then I run a Service Reporting (Statistics) report, and that shows 149 children. Then if I remove the "unique" toggle on the Dashboard Statistics it jumps up to 243. I'm just not sure what is correct. :D


Hi Kennon

Thanks for the questions!

Hopefully we can help out!

For the report you can run a "Service Individual Attendance" report and filter it to the demographics of your children that are checking in. This will give you a unique list of people in those demographics that attended the service. As the Check-in system automatically marks them as attending it should work nicely.

For the Families, it calculates based on the families that the children are in. So if you have Family A with Child 1, 2 and 3, and then Family B with Child E and Child F, and check all 5 children in it will then tell you that 2 families attended that service. In your case it would be 44 unique families with 73 children spread across. (Families that have multiple children etc)

For the discrepancy, can you please send us an email with the report URLs that you're generating and I'll look into in more detail. 


Ok thanks Stewart. I appreciate all this information. :)

Ok, so I tried the "Service Individual Report", and that's close. Ideally I'd like to get number's too without having to export and SUM'ing in Excel. Is there a way to run unique numbers on demographics to get this?

I tried to run the statistics report, it gives me numbers, but not uniques. :/

I'm emailing a list of the reports I'm running and numbers that are being spit out so hopefully you'll be able to clarify some of that.

Hi Kennon,

At this stage no report does the unique numbers but it's something we want to look into. The new Dashboard Widgets can give this though.


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