Access Permission question

I have created some pages which should only be accessed by a certain group of people. 

I have locked them down and they appear appropriately as tabs in the Member pages of those who are signed to the Lockdown category.

However, it is still possible for those with permission to create and edit pages to access those locked down pages in the admin area, even though they are not in the Lockdown category.

Is there a way around this - am I missing something? I only want people in this specific group to have any access to those pages, whether it be in the Admin area or the Member area.

Many thanks


Hi Deb,

Thanks for the question.

I'm going to have to check with the developers to see if this is intended behaviour or not.


Hi there ... I was wondering what the progress is with this. I cannot implement a secure document repository until I know how to exclude certain access groups from viewing locked down pages in the Admin area.


Hi Deb,

The developers have made some changes and they'll be released tomorrow as part of our 2.5.2 update. Keep an eye on our releases page to see when we push these updates. 


Thank you SO much. I see todays release includes a fix and it appears to be working as I would expect now. I really appreciate your support in getting this done so quickly.


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