Make individual change to repeating event

We've run into a common problem on several occasions with the calendar's repeating events, where it's not possible to edit just a single occurrence of the event.


  • A calendar event is created that happens at the same time and place every week.
  • A request is made to change the location of the event for one week.
  • Editing the event location (or time, or other details) changes all of the events in the series on the calendar.

In Mac Calendar this is how it is handled:

  • Edit a repeating event.
  • Calendar prompts, "You're changing a repeating event. Make this change for 1) All future events or 2) Only this event.".

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Hi Jay,

This is something we are planning on implementing in a future release.

Hope this helps,


Thanks, Stewart


We've got round it by going to the list of events, checking the box on the offending event. Click mass manage, then choose delete. Then we create a new event for that day. 

+ 1


It would be particularly helpful to remove events during school holiday periods, when a number of our regular events do not run.

Hi Andy - If you're needing to remove the events, you can do this by utilising the 'Delete Event' option, and specifying that you wish to delete just the single instance. 

@Stewart, thanks for mentioning that we can delete one event only - that's very helpful.

I'd still like to add my support to being able to change a single occurrence as well.

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