Publishing Services: history & locking down?

Hi there,

We had a problem yesterday with one of our volunteers publishing a service accidentally.

Is there a way to:

  1. See the history of a service, in particular WHO published a service and when?
  2. Lock down the ability to publish a service to specific users in the Access privileges?


Hi Steve,

At the moment we do not log history for services but it's on our list to do as it's amazing how many people make changes they shouldn't :)

To lock down people from publishing a service, simply uncheck the ability to edit services from their Access Permission.

Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your prompt response...

Unfortunately, we need to still let some of our volunteers edit the draft volunteer rosters without them publishing the rosters.

(We let our ministry leaders prepare their rosters for a whole term, before publishing them all in one go after the whole term's volunteer rosters are complete)

It would be great to add an access privilege for 'publishing services' which is separate to 'editing services' 

Perhaps this is a feature that could be delivered in a future update?



Sure! We'll add it to our feature request list :)

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