Making Location Mandaory (Multiple Locations)

Hi guys

I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but it would be great if we could have locations become a mandatory field when multiple locations are present.  

This could be done at the point of saving with an error message resulting if no location is entered OR for the system to recognise that the user only has access to a particular location and to default the location in.

I don't know if I'm alone in this but for security reasons I'm the only user with access across all locations so when someone "forgets" to enter the location in I am the one that has to make the correction.


Hi Kristy,

Great idea, I'll add the option to set this at an account level as a feature request for you.

For now, you could make the Locations field itself under each people category a required field, this will force selection upon adding a new person and should help you out.

That is a relatively new feature - I had missed that one. 

It works perfectly - although I think I will come up with problems when particular locations require different fields as mandatory as they use the same People Category.

So for me a 2 tier appraoch - People Category & Location would be amazing!

Thank you


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