Making Songs Accessible across Locations

Hi guys

I'm just enquiring how people with multiple locations work songs across those locations.

This is a relatively new area for us to begin using and to be honest it is the one area that I think sharing of information would actually be good.

As our users are locked down by location they can only see songs for that location - which means i am now seeing multiples of the sames songs being added.

I'm not saying that every song is required by every location but there are a lot of overlaps.

For now I'm curious as to what others with multiple locations do to overcome this issue?



Hi Kristy,

With songs, not selecting a location will make it visible to all.

You could possibly direct people to only add a location to the song if it's specifically required for them only.

I hope this helps you work with it more easily!

Hi Ben

I don't know if this is due to how things have been set up but I have been told by my Worship Pastors that at the member level they can see songs if no location is selected, however they are unable to access the song in Admin which is actually where they need to be able to access it.

Would appreciate your thoughts.


Hi Ben

I never heard back from you regarding my previous post but my team definitely tell me that they are unable to access songs if no location is specified.  It is available at the member level but not the admin level.


Sorry Kristy this one must have slipped through. 

Can you please email support at elvanto dot com and provide an example of a person and a song they should be able to see but cannot so we can debug the issue and get it fixed?

Talk soon


Ben, Just letting you know I have emailed you.

Hi Ben

Just wanting to follow up as I haven't heard anything regarding this.

We are only newly looking at Songs and my guys are only just beginning to ask for help.

One thing is that there is no way to cross check what is already in there against another location.  This may be fixed with what you are thinking should be available but I don't think it will be ideal as I want the guys to select a location.

What would be good is to be able to "search" what is available for all locations and indicate if you want to add it to your own location.  Not have the ability to go into it and make changes until your location is added but to have the ability to have your location added (without me intervening).

It may even be "like" words coming up as they search / add and if it already exists they can simply say "add to my location".  Not sure if that makes sense.

I think songs are the one area that needs a bit of flexibility across locations.

Anyway looking forward to hearing back from you regarding why my guys can't see songs that aren't marked against a location other than in the member area.



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