Folders for member area layout?

We would love to be able to create a Menu for members of "Files" or "Folders," that would appear a lot link the "Links" Menu item in the Member Area.

Folder names would only show based on Folder lockdown settings, but could enable members to navigate easily to the files and folders appropriate for their own responsibilities. Such a capability would help us separate our "outward facing" traditional web page from our internal church management resources, which we would like to eventually have entirely within Elvanto.

Hi Bill.

We've got a few features coming out soon that will help with this, particularly when it comes to Files and Groups. Once they're out we'd love your feedback!


Hi guys,

I'd like to second Bill's request! We're looking to use Elvanto as a kind of central portal for our staff, much like an intranet I guess (particularly as we don't have an internal network for reasons I won't go into now!).

We're going to use the posts feature locked down to staff for general updates and communication, but want staff to have easy access to files such as policy documentation, design templates etc. This would ideally be another tab in the home page, where staff go to a page displaying the various folders with the files contained therein. The way files are currently set up in the admin area is fine administratively, but doesn't really work distribubution-wise.

Keep us posted eh Stewart ;)


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