Differentiating Child / Youth at check-in

Could we please have an option to distinguish between child and youth at check-in.  Both are technically "child" based on the family relationship which is correct however, I don't know about other churches but our youth and children are never in the same service.  As such it would be great to be able to further break the option down by demographic.

This would allow us to say Children only and then select demographic - Youth or Children and know that only one or the other would be populated.  If for some reason both were together we would simply not select demographic.


Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

Hi Kristy,

Thanks for the post.

While the ability to limit check-in to specific demographics is something we're wanting to look into in the future, if your different services happen at the same time I would suggest looking into only checking into a single service and then you can use a Room to differentiate where they check into. This does have a few issues with filter attendance data though as they'll all be marked as attending a specific service though.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stuart

Thanks for replying and I love that it is something that is being looked into.  

I think however, you may have misunderstood the reason behind the request - to reduce the display of the search to reflect only those eligible for that service.

We already use rooms for our children as we have multiple programs so I understand what you are saying there.  For us that works well.  But what would be great is for only children to display or only youth to display.

I only mentioned all being a part of the same service to highlight the need for flexibility - not to remove the functionality all together.

Hope that makes sense.


Hi Kristy,

In that case it definitely falls into what we're wanting to achieve with the ability to check-in by demographic.


Look forward to it Stewart.

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