Time displayed when Submitting group Reports

Hi guys

I love the functionality to enter service attendance via groups however one thing I am not sure on is the purpose of the Time field.

We have recently gone to 2 services on a Sunday morning and the Day / Date display is the same for both reports submitted the only differentiating factor is the time displayed.  I've always ignored the time field in the past as it wasn't of value but now unless it is manually changed to reflect the service time it is near impossible at a glance to determine which report relates to which service.

It would be good for reports being submitted against services that the time somehow be populated to reflect the service time.

Just an idea.  I'm not sure if anyone else has issues with this field or not.


Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Hi Kristy,

Thanks for the question.

Just so I'm clear is this when you're viewing the list of the group attendance reports that have been submitted?


Yes Stewart.  I have attached a screenshot that displays the problem.  It is unclear to me which report reflects which Sunday service.



Hi Kristy,

Thanks for that.

You should be able to add the "Time Met" option on the top corner of the group report. If you change the time met it will then show in the column.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart.

Yes I totally understand that.  The issue I have is that when you ask leaders to submit reports getting them to do that task is hard enough and so the number of steps in the process really need to be kept to a minimum otherwise it becomes too hard and is not done at all. 

With service attendances they have already selected the time met by selecting the relevant service.  What I am asking is that if a service is selected that the field be either grayed out or populated to reflect the time of the service.  Either way for the information of the service to be displayed in the summary view.

It may seem like something simple to fill in but not all leaders are confident Elvanto users and if we want them to do the core of what they need to do we really need to provide support in the not so important areas.  

Really hope that makes sense. 

I'm not trying to be difficult in any way but wanting to offer advice in building a system that is front end user friendly and simple to use.



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