Upcoming Events

I am pulling my events from a Google calendar.  They show up in the full calendar (in the member area) but not in the Upcoming Events.  Am I doing something wrong?

Hi LeAnn,

Thanks for the post.

When you go into the Admin Area and edit the calendar you'll want to make sure that it's set to appear in the member area. If it's been set to any locations as well though it will only show in the member area for people assigned to that location.


I double checked before I posted here but it is already set to display in the member area. If I create a calendar manually it shows the events but calendars that pull from Google don't show in the upcoming events section. Only when I click on Full Calendar

Hmmm, this might be something that I'll have to check. The Upcoming Events box may only be pulling events from Elvanto and not the Google Calendars.


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