Church engagement focussing

Hey guys

We so appreciate Elvanto, and the awesome work you guys are doing. It helps us everyday in church life!

One of the things that would really help us would be to see is a deeper focus on church engagement in Elvanto - rather than simply being an administration tool that is largely used by staff and leaders to an social/engagement/distribution tool for the church. 

The kinds of things that I'm thinking of are, for example: group members communicate with one another through the app, anyone can organize an event and others in the church or that location can sign up to it, the ability to post preaching and seminars with small group questions and note taking..., sharing prayer requests and testimonies, 

The focus here would be on leveraging Elvanto's fantastic database with a social layer over the top of it. That would be simply awesome!

Thank you!

Hi Rhys,

Thanks for the request.

This is something that we're going to be looking into in the future once we get a few updates done that I've mentioned in a few other threads.

Keep an eye out as we make more announcements with this.


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